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Message from the President

Since the foundation of our company in December 2000, we have dedicated our effort to the research development, including drug discovery in the field of cancer and inflammation, keeping in mind the corporate philosophy, that is, “to achieve innovative medicine based on excellent science that contributes to and is acceptable by patients”. Because we have fortune to have staff with various backyards and to utilize our resources such as patents and know-how, we believe firmly that we will be able to contribute to the achievement of revolutionary medicine.

Management principles

-For the purpose to rescue patients suffering from diseases such as various cancers including hepatic carcinoma, and inflammatory diseases such as rheumatism, which are hard to be treated even by advanced modern medical technologies, as well as to rescue patients suffering from drug side effects, we have intended to achieve medicine from a new standpoint, for instance, an instantaneous effort to study the application of siRNA drugs which is a new trend in this century.

-Although our direct customers are pharmaceutical companies and clinical laboratory-related companies because GeneCare is a venture company of research and development, we consider that our mission is to answer to the needs in the clinical fields, ultimately to the needs of patients, through the above-mentioned direct customers.

-In order to efficiently accomplish the mission, we have to quickly respond to the needs of customers in a customer-creed stance, and will utilize efficiently the research products of our company toward to the achievement of this end.

-We evaluate such a corporate culture that permits for each staff to fulfill his or her potential and to mutually frankly discuss. We are also positive in cooperation with external institutions and in introducing external knowledge and technologies with regard to the fields which are weak in our company.

-We are now constructing a portfolio aiming at a continued growth by securing intellectual properties which are the base of our business and by strengthening entry barrier from outside.

-We will conduct our research and development in order to achieve the imposed mission as soon as possible, and for this purpose we each will keep in mind the followings: “confidence based on the fact”, “strong mettle to overcome barriers”, and “pride and keen passion to our project”.


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